InspireSemi Secures Two Customer Agreements

InspireSemi is uniquely positioned to partner with innovators through its commitment to a versatile architecture with blistering speed, energy efficiency, open developer-friendly programming model, and game-changing affordability.

AUSTIN, Texas (April 15, 2021) — Inspire Semiconductor, Inc. (InspireSemi™) announced today that two customers have placed pre-orders for its Gen2 compute accelerator solution for blockchain, HPC (High Performance Computing), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) workloads, which is expected to ship in Q4 of this year.

EdgeMode, a cryptocurrency and HPC specialist based in Chicago, IL, announced an agreement and pre-order as part of a long-term partnership with InspireSemi for its versatile high-performance, energy-efficient Gen2 accelerator. The InspireSemi solution aligns nicely with their business model to both mine cryptocurrency and offer HPC solutions.

InspireSemi also announced a supply agreement and pre-order with CryptoCore Intellectual Holdings based in Austin, TX. CryptoCore has been successfully mining certain cryptocurrencies with the InspireSemi Gen1 solution and has now locked in availability for the Gen2 accelerator solution.

“These customer commitments are tangible examples of the customer validation and strong interest we have been receiving in our meetings with leading customers and server OEMs,” said InspireSemi Vice President of Business Development, Doug Norton. “CryptoCore has been a great business partner, beginning with their seed funding and now this latest agreement and pre-order to secure product. It has likewise been great working with the EdgeMode team, who quickly appreciated the alignment of our approach with their business goals. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with these good companies.”

InspireSemi’s versatile accelerator architecture is based on an array of thousands of custom-designed 64-bit RISC-V CPU cores, tightly integrated with memory and a proprietary high speed mesh network fabric that removes crucial bottlenecks. Seamless arrays of hundreds of chips can be constructed, approaching one million cores. The open and developer-friendly RISC-V programming model eliminates vendor lock-in and greatly simplifies software development, QA, and maintenance, since there is no need to support multiple and often proprietary software stacks (e.g.- x86, CUDA, ROCM, FPGAs, etc.).

Compared to a modern datacenter GPU, the InspireSemi system provides all the raw computational power with greater flexibility and agility. The advanced network fabric enables better cooperation between cores with low latency and extreme bandwidth. The company’s roots in power and cost-sensitive blockchain computing enable InspireSemi to provide this performance with greater efficiency than leading GPUs.

“We are entering an exciting growth phase with increased demand and revenue; therefore we were very pleased to learn about InspireSemi and their disruptive next generation compute accelerator solution,” said EdgeMode founder and CEO Charlie Faulkner: “Their versatile, high performance and energy efficient solution is a perfect match with our business model, and we also value their US supply chain and great team.”