high-performance computing

By the year 2022, the HPC market is expected to grow to $44.98B.

The use of high-performance computing (HPC) has become globally widespread across government and academia and virtually all fields of industry and commerce.


Impact & demand

The impact of HPC touches almost every aspect of daily life; energy, transportation, communications, medicine, infrastructure, finance, entertainment, and the manufacture of consumer products

To meet the demand for efficient computing, reliable storage systems, and enhanced scalability, EdgeMode provides cost effective HPC solutions to clients looking to improve products, reduce production costs and decrease the time invested to innovate.

competitive advantages

Extracting full value

EdgeMode extracts full value from ultra low cost energy sources and the deployment of cost efficient data center containers to provide definitive commercial benefits.

EdgeMode’s HPC infrastructure solutions also offer competitive advantages Versus standard data centers: superior hardware performance through immersion cooling technology, elimination of capital outlay, delays or waiting time and the freedom of a solution that fits any computational need.