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Cryptocurrency Mining

EdgeMode has crypto mining operations in New York and Illinois with US site locations added through 2022. Global scaling plans are in place to replicate this successful model internationally.

Since its inception, EdgeMode has been revenue generating and highly profitable. Long term partnerships, valuable supply in a constricted market and super-efficient operating model have been built to ensure scalable revenue growth and profitability.

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Why you need the right partner to profit from cryptocurrency mining

The early days of cryptocurrency mining can best be compared with the gold rush. There was a real possibility of getting in on the action and getting rich. Rather than those selling shovels cashing in, this gold rush saw companies behind CPUs raking it in. However, as time went on, this rush seemed to come to an end as mining appeared to get that bit more difficult.

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Cryptocurrency mining vs trading - which is more profitable?

There is no denying that the world of cryptocurrency is an exciting one. In the past, the wealth that it generated was limited to those in the know. Crypto was almost a closed group, only open to those who really understood it, the 'geeks' for want of a better word.

That has all changed though. Over the last two years, we have seen the likes of bitcoin enter the mainstream and suddenly everyone wants in.


The drive towards greener cryptocurrency mining

While cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular and started to infiltrate the mainstream, there have been concerns raised about the cryptocurrency mining process. The major concern here is the lack of any green credentials. As countries have come together and pledged to reduce carbon emissions, there are worries that the increased interest in cryptocurrencies will have an impact.